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Are you ready to try online dating, eager to find love and romance, but are wary of meeting someone on the internet?  When it comes to safety, there is no single guidebook for internet matchup etiquette, nor an official protocol for security concerns.  This may cause any single person sex sites freely looking for love to avoid using online dating sites for a sex meet.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect your identity while still getting involved with an online acquaintance Meet Women.  Also, once you take your relationship from online to “real life”, there are steps to take to ensure your safety and set your worries free.


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Here are some recommendations for remaining safe while enjoying the many benefits and freedoms of online dating:

  1.  Use a new email address.  When you open your account with your online dating site, we recommend using a brand-new email address, preferably one through Hotmail, Yahoo or another free email service available online.  Use this email service only for your dating correspondence so you can track your incoming dating emails more easily and can feel free to delete the account at will without affecting other areas of your life.
  2. Use an alias while online.    Create a username for your dating profile that is not in any way related to your actual name, and use it in chat rooms and inter-site emails.  This prevents people from finding your real name, should they want to find you offline without your permission.  Also, don’t ever give out your last name or address, and use only a cell phone number if you decide to give one out.  A good tip is to block your number if you are calling for the first time, in case the conversation takes a bad turn…
  3. Take your time online, and play the field.   You can find out a lot about a person just from emails and chats, so don’t rush into live meetings until you’ve had a few conversations with that man or woman.  A good thing to look for is consistency.  If they seem generally the same from chat to chat that’s a good sign.  If you keep the relationship online, you’ll get more information, so if you’re suddenly hearing stories of addiction or start feeling like someone’s conning you, you can set them free without ever having met the person!  You’ll learn to find these patterns the more you use the chat rooms and emails, so feel free to take advantage of them.


How do you protect yourself if something goes wrong during the date using local fucks?  Of course, you’ll meet in a public place, and you’ll use your trusty instincts when first introduced with your potential match, but here are some specific dating safety tips for both men and women…

  1. Use your friends.  When you’ve agreed on a location for the meeting, bring along a trusted friend who can meet the person and will later be able to identify your date.  Make sure this friend has your cell phone number and have them call you 20 minutes into the lovely date.  This can be found to be an easy way out for a date that just isn’t working, but if you’re having fun, just don’t pick up your phone.
  2. Keep first dates brief.  We’re not saying 30 minutes while you wait for a train, but don’t draw the date out.  Have something planned for afterwards and keep that commitment.  This can be either a definitive ending to a bad date, or for a good one, will leave you filled with curiosity and anticipation for a second date. 
  3. Report bad behavior.  Many dating sites offer full criminal background checks for their online users, and if you are using a site that doesn’t, do one yourself before a first date.  Nonetheless, if your date exhibits aggression, hostility, or sexually harasses you, you should immediately end the date and report them to the dating site.  Offensive users’ profiles should be terminated.  If you’ve been assaulted, call the police and report the crime.

Above all, follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to tell your date that you’ve changed your mind at any point in your online relationship.  If you take the right precautions and use common sense when looking for a mate online, modern online dating services can be a wonderful way for today’s busy singles to find love.


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